How do the discounts work?

Discounts on items are set in levels: Regular Price, Discount Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. You can reach these levels with Single Order Volume Discounting (SOVD), based on the total regular prices of the items in a single purchase. Discount Level 1 is reached at $1,000.00 of total parts, Level 2 at $2,000.00, and Level 3 at $4,000.00 with SOVD.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy can be found here.

Why aren't items going into my cart?

You must have cookies enabled in your browser for our shopping cart to work. Check your browser settings and verify that you can accept cookies. Some portions of our site also use javascript to add items to the cart. If you have javascript disabled in your browser, the shopping cart will not work. Items with no price and items that are no longer available cannot be added to your cart.

Why aren't the exploded diagrams working?

Our exploded diagrams use Flash. You will need a flash plug-in for your browser to view the diagrams.

Can you help me troubleshoot my machine?

In order to keep costs down for you, we do not employ phone service technicians to help you troubleshoot your problem. However you can visit and post a question in one of the forums. Someone there may be able to help you, or you may be able to find a servicer in your area.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled up to the point in time when an order is marked as shipped. Orders are marked as shipped when a shipping label has been placed on them. They are then placed in containers and readied for pick-up. The hundredes of orders that are placed in these containers make it a difficult and time consuming process to stop a shipment even if it has not left our facility. Because of this, we cannot cancel an order after it is marked as shipped, even if it was an hour prior and is still in our facility. If the product has not yet shipped, you can call 636.634.2202 and let us know that you would like to cancel your order. Please have our order number handy when you call.

What is the Core Charge for?

The core charge is a refundable amount that you get back when we receive your old re-buildable part back. This process helps ensure that we are able to continue offering refurbished parts, by incentivizing the return of old parts. In order for your returned part to qualify for a refund of the core charge it must have a reasonable chance of being repaired. Parts that are excessively corroded, been on fire, etc. are likely not repairable. Cores must be returned to us within 6 months from the original ship date.

Will you ship outside the United States?

The short answer is YES. However we ship only to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. If you need parts in other parts of the world, we recommend using a package fowarding service such as provided by AccessUSA, Mailbox Exchange,, and others.

Can I ship using COD?

Because of the additional time and cost, as well as the rarity with which it happens, we have elected not to offer COD shipping to our customers.

When will I get my part(s)?

When your order is placed (and approved by your account administrator if required) it will generally begin being processed the next business day. If all of the parts for the order are in stock, the package will ship the same day the order is processed, or the following business day. If your parts must be ordered from our vendor, they will be shipped as soon as possible when the parts arrive to us. You can check the status of your orders by visiting our Order Status Page.

What is the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order online by clicking on this link.

Will you drop ship my order?

Yes we can drop ship orders to addresses that are other than the billing address of the credit card. Additionally our packing slips are "blind", meaning that the customer receives a packing slip but it does not contain pricing information on it.

How do I set up an account?

Our accounts come in two varieties, but both are easy to set up. Single User Accounts are intended for use by one person. If you will be the only person ordering parts, then this is all you will need Click Here to create a Single User account. Multiple User Accounts are for companies that will have multiple employees ordering parts. This enables a company to receive volume discounts based on the orders of every employee listed in the account. In order to set up a Multiple User account you must call us at 636.634.2202. One of our staff will set up a new account or convert an existing Single User account for you.

Do I need an account?

No, you do not need an account to purchase items on However if you believe that you will be returning in the future to purchase more items, it is a good idea. With an account, our system records your purchase and will give you volume discounts based on items purchaseed over the last year. Without an account you cannot receive History Based Volume Discounting (HBVD). You are still eligable for Single Order Volume Discounting (SOVD).

How do I get credit terms?

In order to receive credit terms, you must fill out a credit application. In most cases some order history with us will be required. Please call us at 636.634.2202 if you wish to receive a credit application.

What if I have multiple locations?

You must have a Multiple User account to have/manage multiple locations through our site. In fact, when you have a Multiple User account, each of the user accounts associated with the Multiple User account is required to have a location. Your account administrators will be able to edit properties for each of the user accounts, limiting their ability to ship and order parts. This will help you or your account administrator to control abuse of the system by employees if you wish to.

How can we get listed as a service center?

Service Centers are simply account holders that have delared themselves, or their locations, as facilities that will service fitness equipment. When customers purchase items from us, they will be shown a list of servicers in their area where they can get help troubleshooting, repairing, or installing the part they just purchased. You must have an account to have your locations listed as a service center. The step by step instructions for setting up service centers are different for the two kinds of accounts.
Single User accounts can only have one location (the billing address). To set this location up as a service center, login and click the link "My Account" under the Member Center menu on the left. Next select "Change Account Profile". Edit any of the company information you need in the form that appears, and select yes or no from the drop down for "Service Center". Click on the "Update Account" button to submit the changes.
Coorporate accounts may have more than one location, and the account administrator may choose which of the locations are service centers. To set a location as a service center, first login as an account administrator. Click the link "My Account" under the Member Center menu on the left. Next select "Company Locations" in the top of the box on the right. Select from the list the location you wish to set up as a service center. Edit any of the location information you need in the form that appears, and select yes or no from the drop down for "Service Center". Click on the "Update Address" button to submit the changes. Step by step instructions with illustrations are available here.

What are the different kinds of treadbelts?

We carry several levels of quality in our treadbelt line. These treadbelts are intended for varying levels of use in your facility or home. If you order the OEM treadbelt, you will receive a treadbelt that was ordered direct from the manufacturer. Premium treadbelts are our top of the line treadbelt and are intended to be used in facilities where they will be used 8+ hours a day. Standard treadbelts should be used where the treadmill is expected to receive 3-8 hours of use a day. Economy treadbelts should be used only if the treadmill will receive less than 2 hours of use per day.

Can I still get a part listed as "No Longer Available"?

"NLA" or "No Longer Available" means we can no longer get that part or an acceptable substitute that we are aware exists. When a part reaches NLA status, our purchasing department has researched the part and looked for acceptable alternatives to that particular part. Unfortunately, when a part is listed as NLA on our website, we are unable to provide the part or an acceptable alternative. To try further to find your part, you can go to and post a message on the forums there asking if anyone happens to have the part you are looking for on their shelf.

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